Writers make f*ck all.

I was recently at an event called WordCon and was listening to a panel of published authors speak about their experiences. One of the authors said something that stuck with me.

In her words, “authors make fuck all.”

And she’s absolutely right. Based on a recent survey, the average income for a book author in Australia is 62k a year. Most authors in fact earn less than the average national income.

Well, that is not going to buy me my big country property, get my kid into the best school or build my beachside retreat, is it?

Money is not a motivator for me, but freedom is. Space is. Peace is. I want space for lots of animals and for Aria to have adventures. I want to look out in the morning and see nature. Some amount of money will be needed to achieve that vision.

So, the way I see it I am either going to have to write a series of bestsellers and land a movie deal, or I am going to have to be really clever and build a career that creates income outside of my book sales.

I love to write, especially from the heart. I want it to be the way I spend the bulk of my working time. I believe that I can do what I love and create an income from it. That’s my goal. As a career coach it would be hypocritical of me to do otherwise.

So, I have decided that I’m not going to let the stats get me down. Instead I am going to use them to motivate me to become a really, really excellent writer. So, watch this space.

One thought on “Writers make f*ck all.

  1. This was an awesome blog post – and it took you all of a few minutes i bet.

    Love your work babe and am all over your space!


    Liked by 1 person

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