Let me tell you about my mum.

Every year on Mother’s Day, I write my mum a letter. I know it means much more to her than any gift ever could.

Anyone who knows her knows that she is a sensational human being who is loved by all who’s life she touches. I am constantly overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to call her my mum.

This year I wanted to do something different and make this an open letter. This year my beautiful mum has broken the mould in terms of amazing mums doing incredibly selfless things. She would tell you that she’s just doing what any mum would do, and maybe so, but she does it all with a level of grace, love and positivity that is quite unique.

My mother not only raised me almost on her own, but is now also helping me raise my beautiful girl on a daily basis. 11 months ago I went through a time in which I could barely look after myself, let alone my daughter. Mum looked after us both. She enabled me to fall apart and then she gently put me back together.

This year’s letter had to be something special. Words will never do this woman justice, but I’m going to try.



Right now I am sitting in a warm bed, in a place that I love, in a house that feels like a home, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. This morning you helped my daughter make me a platter of fruit, with a little pink flower. You told her what a special day it is today, and then you came in with her, with a handmade card telling me that I am loved to pieces. This is my third Mother’s Day, my first as a sole parent and already it has been my best. It’s your Mothers Day too of course, but you wanted to make this morning about me and Aria. What a beautiful gift, thank you.

This year you have not only done all the usual gorgeous things you do, like looking after Aria in just about any spare time you have, helping me in any way I might need and ensuring that I know I’m supported and loved. This year you have opened your home to us. You have literally re-built your home to accommodate us and provide us with a beautiful place that feels safe and happy and comfortable. I have never felt like a burden or an imposition. I just feel like someone who lives here and that is something that I don’t take for granted.

Thank you for being my co-pilot in this first time mum caper. Thank you for coming in and taking over when it’s 4am and I am out of patience. Thank you for teaching Aria things that I wouldn’t even think of. Thank you for picking her up from day care so that I can go to university and follow my dreams. Thank you for giving Aria’s dad and I the space and support we have needed to figure out how to co-parent with love and respect. You have never once placed blame or judgement on a situation that I know has been difficult for you too. I know he appreciates it as much as I do.

Thank you for putting up with my dad and allowing me to try and figure out how to relate to him. The generosity within your heart is boundless. It constantly amazes me. Thank you for silently putting up with my moods and my mess. I know, and I will try to do better.  Thank you for allowing me to make my own choices and mistakes and trusting me to navigate my way through all this, knowing I have a safety net that comes with no conditions or requirements. You are my safety net, I know that I will always be ok because I have you in my life. You are the person I have always been able to trust. That gives me the freedom to be who I am.

Of course it is not the things you do for me that I love you for, but these are just examples that portray who it is that you are inside, and that is what I love you for. You are the best person I know. You are kind and honest and compassionate and strong and powerful and sassy and unique. You have made me who I am and have equipped me to get through anything.

Thank you, my beautiful mumma. I love you xx

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