Why everyone needs a stylist.

Let me tell you, I got such a kick out of texting a friend the other day saying ‘I’m just with my stylist right now, will get back to you later’.

Yes, somehow in this universe I found myself with a real flesh and blood stylist in my bedroom, telling me whether I was a ‘white or a vanilla’ type and a ‘black or a navy’. It was surreal and brilliant and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Now before you assume I’m making way too much money and overindulging myself – I’m not, I assure you – I am doing some work for this particular young lady, in that I’m writing a heap of web content for her, and we did a trade. Her services for mine. I was very keen to experience what she could do so that I could write her content in a really authentic way.

So, all I knew was that we were going to do a ‘wardrobe review’. I was super keen as I had found myself with a cupboard that was literally overflowing yet I was still finding myself in the go-to ‘active wear’ most days and never knowing quite what to wear when I went out. I also had lots of funky pieces that I have picked up at markets but have never worn as I didn’t really know how to, or what to wear them with.

Sasha Rose to the rescue. We started with a consultation in which she used some pretty cool techniques to nail down what my own personal style is. We came up with ‘elegant, feminine and unique’. We also spoke about my lifestyle and how I spend my time. Then she used her funky little swatches to work out which types of colours suit my complexion best.

After that, it was time to systematically go through my wardrobe piece by piece. I sat there while she pulled out each item and asked me to talk about it. Whether I wear it, how I feel in it, is it still useful to me. Her guidance was actually amazing. I was blown away.

With the pieces I loved but didn’t wear, she showed me what to team it up with. She helped me see things I had lost interest in, in a whole new light. There were dresses I used to wear to work that I can team with a cardi and boots, and I’ve got myself a new casual-ish outfit. She literally created brand new outfits from the items I already had.

A short time later I had a huge pile for the op shop, a ‘summer box’ to put away until October and a beautifully organised wardrobe with a whole heap more space. Now this is something I have done on my own many times, but that wasn’t like this. There is something special about having someone there who knows their stuff and are able to see it all with fresh eyes. There was no pressure and she was so supportive. I sat there and learnt from her, while she did all the work (and little miss rummaged through the op shop pile).

In a process that would have cost comparatively quite little, I saved a lot. As we went along we created a shopping list of basic items I needed to really complete my winter wardrobe. A day later my list was emailed to me with pictures and prices of potential options from a range of stores. I couldn’t believe how many of them were from Kmart or Big W. And at this stage of my life I am very much on a Kmart and Big W budget.

I can honestly say that each morning since then I have woken up and gotten dressed without a moment of ‘bloody hell, what can I wear?’ I feel so much more confident to put an outfit together and that may sound really trivial and dumb, but as a mum with little time and as someone who’s self esteem has taken a battering in recent times, to feel confident in myself to make these choices is invaluable to me.

The whole thing was cleansing and therapeutic. The clothes we wear are a bit like a suit of armour. They can affect our mood, the way we hold ourselves, the way others perceive us. I am not a shallow or superficial person, and I actually care very little about fashion. Sasha showed me that style is not about fashion at all, it’s about a feeling within you. It’s about feeling confident in who you are and who you want to be in the world.

And that is absolutely not something you can put a price on.

Like my style? If you want to stay posted on my little ramblings then this group is the pace to be.




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