So, I’m back.

Hey you guys.

I decided to resurrect this blog because I kind of miss having a place that I can share my little ramblings without it having that link with my professional endeavours.

More Than Mum started as a place for me to just write and share, and I realised there is still a place and in fact a need for that in my life.

This year I started studying a Bachelor of Writing and Publishing and it’s been pretty amazing. I got 2 High Distinctions you guys! For a validation junkie like me that’s like crack. I’m absolutely loving it.

Sometimes in class I’ll write a little piece about something and I think to myself, gee it’d be great to have somewhere to post that. Then I realised, I have it.

So here I am. I’m being totally self indulgent and having a totally personal blog.

If you are interested in what I do professionally, which includes resume writing, career coaching, small business coaching, HR consulting and corporate writing, then feel free to follow over at; but if you’re genuinely just amused by my little ramblings then you are in the right place.

Over coming days I’ll post a few bits and pieces that I’ve been working on lately. I do hope you like them.

SO much love, Carlie xx

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