Self-publishing is kind of like self-pleasuring.

As a writer and an aspiring author, I have been wondering a bit about the whole ‘traditional publishing’ avenue versus the increasingly popular option of self-publishing.

The way I see it, self-publishing is a bit like self-pleasuring. Bear with me…

As writers, we’d all love to find someone who wants to ‘publish’ us. That’s the ideal scenario. People will congratulate us if we do. It gives us bragging rights. ‘I got published! Yeah! Go me!’

And if the publisher is happy with the outcome maybe they’ll publish you again, and you can have a fantastic ongoing mutually beneficial publishing relationship.

Alternatively… we do have the option to take matters into our own hands… and self-publish.

Going out and courting a publisher takes serious time and effort. There is a good chance that publisher after publisher will reject you. It can be really disheartening. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you. What you are offering might just not be exactly what that publisher is looking for at that exact moment.

When you self-publish you have full control over how the whole thing plays out. If there’s a publisher involved they may want to try different things and take things in a different direction. That might not work for you. They might like to publish in a totally different way to you. There might not be creative chemistry between you.

Self-publishing is nothing to be ashamed of. Everybody’s doing it. Some don’t need to because they have someone who’s keen to do it for them, but for those who’d rather not go through the process of finding that right person at that right time, then self-publishing is the perfect option.

I’ll happily admit that self-publishing is something I see myself doing plenty of. It’s quick and easy and I can achieve great results that are fully within my control from start to finish.

The fact of the matter remains though that self-publishing, like self-pleasuring, just isn’t and never will be quite the same as the real deal.

Much (self-)love, Carlie xx

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