Inspiring Mum – Lauren of Impressionable Kids Croydon

Lovelies, meet Lauren from Impressionable Kids Croydon. I wanted to share Lauren’s story as I can SO relate with her desire to work in a way that provided flexible hours and an ability to work at home. I love this business concept too, especially as I’m so sentimental when it comes to capturing those special baby memories. If you’re a big softie like that too and have little ones make sure you get in touch with this clever, creative mumma.


What inspired you to start your business venture?

After having my daughter I went back to working full time when she was a little under a year old. My heart wasn’t in the job anymore, and so I started looking for something I could do to work in and around my life at home. Impressionable Kids caught my eye!  I have always had an Artistic flare, Love Babies and always dreamed I would one day be able to work for myself doing something I Loved.

What do you love about what you do? I love everything about my job now, I work from home, the hours I want and when I want. I get to meet lots of lovely people and play with lots of little babies! I love the opportunity of creating something special for the parents of the babies and children I get to meet. A Keepsake they can treasure forever.

What challenges have you faced along the way? There have been many challenges, the main one being TIME! How do you juggle Being a mum, a wife, cook, clean and run a business! The answer is Multitasking and late nights! 😛

What learnings would you like to share with other mums who are also juggling motherhood and a career/biz? I would share learning to multitask, and keeping to a rough timeline throughout the week, allocation time to the office/workroom, as well as to the house  and family – where you close the office door and spend some uninterrupted time with the family or vacuum!!

In what ways do you ensure your own self-care and prevent burnout? Work life Balance is important. I ensure that I don’t work late too many nights a week! And try to make time for me (hair, nails, movie, friends etc) I have the opportunity to work as little or as much as I like, so if I feel I’m burning out, or overrun I drop it back for a little white to catch up.

In what ways do you maintain your connection with your partner? With 2 Kids, and a business, it’s often hard to find time to have “husband and wife” time, we try to make sure that we spend time with each other each day, just to talk – have a conversation!

How supportive have your friends and family been; and how important has that been for you and your success?

The support of the people around me has been a huge contributor to my success. My husband’s job allows him to be around to help with our kids while I work, and my families support is what allows me to put in the time and effort into Impressionable Kids.

What does the future hold for you, your family and/or your business? Wow!! What does the future hold? A busy year ahead for us, Balancing life, and business will be a constant learning curve for us all. I would like to further grow our business and have the opportunity to meet and create some special keep sakes for as many families as I possibly can!

Impressionable Kids framed baby hand and feet sculptures are a truly magical way of capturing how cute and tiny your childs little hands and feet once were. We capture the detail of each and every wrinkle on their hands and feet, the shape of their little fingernails, a three dimensional replica of their hands and feet. A perfect compliment to our Keepsake range, Impressionable Kids can also capture individuals fingerprints or hand and foot prints for our beautiful Jewellery pieces. We also offer other products, Freestanding pieces, custom framing,  Bronzing, Name frames, Pet Impressions and Gift Vouchers. All products can be viewed on our website:

Lauren at Impressionable Kids Croydon takes impression appointments from her home studio in Croydon North, and from Babyco Knox once a month.

Contact Details: Impressionable Kids Croydon

03 9722 1077 0466 183 255

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