Inspiring Mum – Bianca McLaren

This beautiful young lady has very quickly become a dear friend of mine. It was one of those ‘play centre hook-ups’ where you just spot a fellow mum with a similar aged child and kinda go “Wanna be friends?”. Anyway, she rocks and she feels very passionately about what she does. I was SO happy when she agreed to let me interview her.

Let me introduce you to the simply gorgeous, Bianca…

Vegas conference 2015

What inspired you to start your business venture?

My daughter. She was 5 months old and I was faced with the prospect of leaving her and going back to work. And I didn’t want to do it! I was introduced to the idea of owning my own business from another lady within Arbonne, and she explained I could work from home doing my own hours and earn some great money doing it. I dint want to put Abbie in childcare so for her sake, I decided to give it a go! I figured it was worth a try and if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t lose anything.

My why

What do you love about what you do?

Changing lives and changing the world, one person at a time. I come across people who have had problem skin for longer than they can remember and when I offer them a solution that actually works, you can see the excitement and relief it brings them – it’s a wonderful feeling! I meet awesome people every day, work alongside the most inspirational and loving women, and I get to be one of those lucky few who truly loves their job. This business encourages me to grow as a person and become someone my family can be proud of.

My beautiful sponsor Katrina and I

What challenges have you faced along the way?

Owning a business is not easy! You need to be committed, and your motivation can only come from you. Sure, you can have driving factors – for me, that’s my girl and my hubby, but to actually get up and get the job done, you need to be able to push yourself, and crack your own whip, so to speak. There are times when it gets to be too much, particularly when I have a lot going on in my personal life., and it’s really hard to keep the pace. Standard business models would crumble the moment you take your foot off the pedal however I’m lucky to work within a structure that allows me to work as little or as much as I like, so if I need a break I take it without my income suffering major damage, and I pick it up again when I’m ready.

Some of the products

What learnings would you like to share with other mums who are also juggling motherhood and a career?

You can’t do it all. It’s that simple. Raising a healthy, happy child (or several) used to be a full time job, before women decided they could and would have more in their lives. That doesn’t mean that the workload lessened, it means that we’ve taken on more. We also live in an age where two incomes are necessary in most circumstances to sustain a household, and so we work. Set your priorities and stick to them – if that means you focus on your kids and your business and don’t vacuum for two weeks, fine. If you have to hire a cleaner, do it. If you need to ask for help, even if it’s just to drop the kids to someone for a couple of hours for a break, do it! If you go into a business venture with too much pride, you will stuggle. There’s no shame in feeling overwhelmed, or in biting off too much, because that’s where the magic happens! You need to get uncomfortable before you can get comfortable and if that means making some adjustments in the meantime, that’s a small price to pay.

Some of the team

In what ways do you ensure your own self care and prevent burnout?

I could tell you that I take a long hot bath every night, and I nap every afternoon, and do yoga four times a week.. But this is the real world, right?! I find that the workload fluctuates. I have months where I’m so busy I don’t know which way to turn first, and then other months where I find I can read a book for half an hour when the rugrat has her day sleep instead of scoffing lunch and cramming in as much work or cleaning as I can. The natural ebb and flow of things keeps me going.

Now that I’m pregnant with number 2, I’ve had to set myself some boundaries. I used to put Abbie to bed at night, have dinner with hubby and do the dishes, then stay up til one or two in the morning working. It was quiet, and productive, and I woke up the next day tired but under control and ready to face the day. Now, the rule is that I don’t have two late nights in a row (unless I have social events or back to back business events, which is rare). If I stay up it’s no later than 12:00am, and the next night has to be a reasonable time. Pregnancy is exhausting enough as it is without facing an early bird toddler on barely any sleep! Once the new bub is here and settled, I’m sure I’ll go back to late nights, because I find they make my days so much easier.

In what ways do you maintain your connection with your partner?

I’m very lucky to have a rock solid relationship with my hubby. If we haven’t seen much of each other for a few days we make sure we set aside the time to at least eat dinner together, or pick up the phone and call while he’s at work. It can be really hard because in the beginning, while you’re finding your feet, you need to be in it 100%. You can’t do that without sacrifices and so you may be out four nights in a row, or have to stay up and work instead of going to bed at the same time. I know we are tight and so it doesn’t have a big effect. I just leave an I love you note on the bench, or warm my cold feet up on him when I jump into bed at whatever time, which wakes him up and I get a cuddle!  I love him, he loves me, and we both know it. That’s all we need! And there will come a time where it all pays off, and we will have so much time together we will probably get sick of each other! But until then, we work hard and look forward to that day.

How supportive have your friends and family been, and how important has that been for you and your success?

Most of my friends and family have been amazing! There are always going to be some who don’t show any support, or who outright tell you they don’t believe in what you’re doing, but those people are just as important as the ones who back you. Support goes a long way, and it makes you feel so good about what you’re doing, even helps get you off the ground and running, depending on what type of business you’re in. But it’s the nay sayers who I find to be the most motivating – because they’re the ones you want to show! You want to succeed despite them, and to prove them wrong, or to show them that you don’t need them, you can do it without them. Don’t let the haters get you down, use them to step you up and enjoy that moment all the more when you reach your success and get to dangle it under their noses!

What does the future hold for you, your family and your business?

Our future is bright! I’m excited for what’s to come. Working for myself with unlimited income within my reach means that there will come a day, sooner rather than later, where I’ll be able to retire my hubby, and pay off the mortgage, and then just spend our time living! I can see us buying or building our dream home, taking the kids on holidays around the world, and I don’t see it being in 20 or 30 years, either, more like 5-10. I would never have had that in my grasp without this business! We are going to be amongst the lucky few who get to work hard for a few years and then reap the benefits while we are still young, rather than waiting til retirement age, when we are too old to make the most of it anyway. Our kids will want for nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I refuse to turn them into spoilt brats, but they will lead an amazing life, and so will we.

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