Inspiring Mum – Lisa of Hatrick Communications

I was super pumped when this fabulous woman agreed to let me interview her. Partly because I know she’s a very busy lady, but mostly because she’s way smart and super savvy and I was very keen to have the opportunity to pick her brains. (Which is something I plan to do for years to come if she’ll let me). She’s one of the tireless faces behind Rock Berry Jam as well as lots of other cool events and happenings around the place.

I have the HUGE pleasure (and even a bit of an honour) to introduce you to Lisa Glassborow.


Hi Lisa. Tell me , what inspired you to start your business venture?

I went back to work when my eldest was 8 weeks old (I worked from home for an organisation in Darwin and their Director called me and offered me extended paid maternity leave if I came back early to support the person who was in my position – I only had to work one day a week, from home, and got an additional 4 months leave – very generous!!!) and after falling pregnant with my second daughter I felt that it was time to ‘take a break’.  The industry that I am in relies heavily on networking and connections and when my youngest was 3 months old I felt the need to ensure those connections were still healthy.  But instead of looking for a job within the External Relations field, I thought, why not put those connections to good use and start my own business.  I spent some time deciding on a name and putting together a business plan, I drew on one of those relationships and asked David Smorgon OAM to become my business mentor, and the week I was due to launch Hatrick Communications, an organisation I had worked for in Melbourne some years ago contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing some freelance work for them (newsletter, annual report)…and they became my first client…and it has grown from there (or snowballed perhaps!!!).

 What do you love about what you do?

I love connecting people who need support with people who have the capacity to support.  I love listening to my clients about their business, and, drawing on their passion, create a story that helps bring their dreams to life and hopefully encourage others to share in their passion.  I love helping my clients to build and maintain strong and lasting relationships with the people who matter most to them.

I love my job! 

I also feel very lucky to be able to schedule my work around my family and other commitments.

 What challenges have you faced along the way?

Whilst working from home can be fantastic in so many ways – it also provides many challenges.  In my line of work,my phone can ring at all times of the day and night, particularly in the lead up to events and/or publication deadlines.  Sometimes I find it challenging to sound professional when I’m cleaning up yoghurt from a school uniform!

I have struggled with people’s perceptions of me as a working mum, when my children were particularly young.  Especially as I didn’t have to work – I chose to work.  I felt I was always explaining to people my love for what I do and justifying myself.  But I am proud that my girls are growing up seeing me work, seeing me contribute to our community and our household.

My girls have just started Prep and 4 year old kinder, so this year I am finding I have more time, but the past 3 and a half years have been tough going with me working from approximately 8pm to 1am 4-5 nights a week (not so glamorous when you talk ‘working from home’ when you look at it that way) – but that’s been short term pain for long term gain.

 What learnings would you like to share with other mums who are also juggling motherhood and a career/biz?

Be proud of what you are doing.

Life is all about balance – ensure you have a balance that you are happy with – and if you ‘re not – only you can change that.  This is YOUR  business – YOU dictate your hours.

Sitting at the park checking your emails is ok – providing you are still watching your child/ren – other mums are checking facebook, or worse, haven’t got anything to check!

Try to remember, if you’re stressed about work, your littles ones have nothing to do with that – so balance your temper (I’m not so good at that one!).

 In what ways do you ensure your own self-care and prevent burnout?

I spent 8 months last year ill, in pain and struggling physically.  I have spent the last 15 weeks recovering from major abdominal surgery.  This, I truly believe, was brought on by burn out.

Balance really is the key.  What you say no to, dictates what you can say yes to.  So don’t just take a job on because ‘it’s a job’…take on the jobs that will work for you and consider your schedule, your family, your health and your finances.

I am now restricting my late nights to 1-2 per week, and not beyond midnight.  I am spending more time at the park and outdoors and I am saying no to jobs that I can’t fit in.

 In what ways do you maintain your connection with your partner?

My husband also runs his own business so we share that in common, which is great, and lucky.

We holiday as a family once a year, we spend our weekends together, we talk to each other about our business and we share the parenting.  I am very lucky!

I think that the secret to any great relationship is ‘Grace, gratitude and generosity’.  Be graceful in an argument, be always grateful for each other and be generous in your love.

 How supportive have your friends and family been; and how important has that been for you and your success?

I’ve got a great group of people around me who love to hear what I do – to a degree (graciousness in not talking about my business too much!).  They help with the children – and I return that as often as possible (gratitude!) and my family are very generous in their time and support. 

What does the future hold for you, your family and/or your business?

Who knows… but isn’t that the exciting part! Hopefully good health, happiness and challenges that we face together.

If you’d like to get in touch with Lisa you can do so via her website

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