Finding the Joy in the Juggle

Do you ever find yourself excitedly talking to someone about your values, passions or wants and suddenly you just find the right words that sum up what you are trying to get across so perfectly. (If excitedly talking about your passions and wants is not something you are doing much of lately then bloody hell why not?? And let’s chat because it’s pretty much my favourite thing to do.)

Well, that happened to me the other day when I was having a very encouraging and wonderful conversation with the manager of a local community house about some workshops I am hoping to run. (Ohmygodohmygodmygod)

The joy in the juggle. It’s a passion of mine and a deep belief that every woman can infact ‘have it all’ – whatever the heck that means to them. Having a family and also having ‘something that’s for me’ – whether it be a hobby, exercise, a job you love, your own business, whatever, anything – it’s a juggle. Life is busy and demanding and hectic and tiring – and I wouldn’t change it. I make it a priority to do my absolute best every single day to find the joy in the juggle and I would LOVE to help others do the same.

For me it’s a combination of practicing gratitude, mindfulness, self love as well as strategies for managing my time and staying organised that help to seek out and treasure the joy amongst the juggle. For me the juggle IS joyful. Believe me I have my days, oh boy do I have my days. I have a teething toddler who isn’t doing a whole lot of sleeping at the moment and I’m bloody tired, but I keep trucking and investing in myself and my goals as I know that it energises me and makes me feel connected. And I need that. And I can 100% put my hand on my heart and tell you that makes me a better mum than I would be otherwise. That’s just me. I find it so much easier to fully focus on my baby when I also have a chance to sometimes focus on other things that inspire and excite me as a person.

Sometimes I think we all get so caught up in being ‘busy’ that we forget to find the joy in it all. And it makes sense. My vision is all about empowering woman, particularly mums, who maybe feel a bit stuck and want help to create space in their lives to focus on themselves and their deep desires. I am well on my way towards ‘skilling up’ so that I can do that in a really meaningful way. In the meantime I am ticking along on my little ‘movement’ through writing and sharing, as well as engaging with groups of different women in fun and creative ways.

I’ve felt drawn to shine the spotlight on some of the inspirational women I have come across and ask them to share some wisdom on how they find the joy in the juggle. In coming weeks I will be profiling some of these fabulous ladies and sharing with you some great interviews in the hope that their story might resonate with you and have some type of butterfly effect. I am so excited to be bringing this series to you and I would love to hear from you if you know an inspiring mumma, or even a mumma who could use a little extra inspiration. And otherwise, watch this space as there’s some lovely stuff coming very soon.

Goodness me it’s late. Bed time for this sleepy lady. Much love to you and yours.

Carlie xx

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