Recovering from ‘Allthethings-itis’

Recently I have had to take a little of my own advice and accept the fact that I cannot do ALL THE THINGS.

I love to trot out that old line “You can do anything, but not everything”. Well ain’t that the truth. I am my own worst enemy sometimes. I get all excited and I want to do everything and be everything to everyone and what ends up happening is I don’t give enough of my energy to anything. I end up with too many balls in the air and I start dropping some of them and then I get all down on myself about it.

SO – Here is my plan.


I had a brilliant coffee date / mentoring session with a fabulous lady named Jane recently. She’s a marketing legend, certified coach, experienced keynote speaker and just general all round freakin amazing woman who I’ve known since I was tiny. I told her about how I was having trouble getting all my stuff done as I keep getting distracted by other shiny pretty things.

She is one of those people who can just put something so freakin simply and beautifully that you just want to bash yourself in the head for complicating it so much. She told me ‘You just need a plan. Create a plan, set the path and then it’ll be easy because the other things won’t distract you because they’re not part of your plan’. Well. Of course I got all commitment-phobe and was like ‘but what if I change my mind and need to alter the plan?’ and she made me see that of course the bloody plan can change but you break it down into bite-size achievable bits and every day you do something that gets you a little bit closer to the goal. How freakin simple is that.

Oh god. Of course. So re-inspired little me went home, put pen to paper and wrote out exactly where I want to be. Then I broke it down into bite size achievable steps that I can tackle one at a time. And suddenly, all this other stuff becomes clear. Such as, where I should spending my time, where I should be investing money and which things I need to just let go or outsource.

It’s the lettings things go that I struggled with a little longer. It meant giving up some of the work I had been doing for a while now and that meant having some tough conversations. I put it off and wrestled with it and sunk so much damn energy into thinking about it, only to eventually just bloody well do it – and what-do-you-know. Some of my load is lifted and I am feeling so much lighter. And the world didn’t end. And no one hates me for it, as far as I know.

The thing with being a working mumma is that time is a very precious little thing and I needed to honour that and be a little more strategic about where I was spending it. And what’s the point of working for yourself if you don’t get to choose where and how you spend your time!

Gosh I have been given some great opportunities and have been lucky to work with some brilliant people, but I know those people understand that things happen for a reason and a season. That’s another thing that genius/legend/goddess woman Jane told me. Everything that has happened to this point is important because it’s been a part of getting you where you are now. She looked at me and said ‘You are exactly where you need to be’. Jesus, I so am.

I simplified and I clarified. Now it’s amplify time.

So here I am, taking a big breath, shaking it off, dropping my arms, focussing ahead and taking the next little bite sized step towards my big goal. Easy, no. Simple, yes. Worth it, abso-frickin-lutely.

One thought on “Recovering from ‘Allthethings-itis’

  1. Great Blog Carly! So happy you have a plan in place to support your incredible journey toward your dreams.


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