Easy Weeknight Dinners – Part 1

People have been asking me what we make for dinner in my house. Here are a few of our faves off the top of my head. I am sure there are lots more so will have a think and then write up part 2 for you. I am a ‘dash of this’, ‘handful of that’ kind of a cook but I have done my best to be a bit more specific. If you would like more detail, or even a video of any of these, let me know and I will see what I can do. Enjoy!

Popcorn chicken
This is a huge favourite in our house. It tastes a whole lot like KFC but much better for you.
Cut up chicken breast into small chunks. Pop it in a bag with enough almond meal to coat, plus plenty of salt, pepper and paprika. Toss it around til it’s all coated, then fry in pan with a big dollop of coconut oil.

Broccoli Salad
This literally takes less than a minute and has such a lovely fresh crunch.
Throw in food processor: a head of broccoli, an apple, 2 small carrots and a purple onion. Add salt, pepper and the juice of 1 lemon. Whizz it up until it looks a bit like coleslaw. And you’re done! Is lovely with a dollop of natural yoghurt on top too.

Rice Paper Rolls
These are fun, and nice and easy for little hands to hold. We often make these if we are going out as they travel really well.
Dip each rice paper sheet in warm water and lay out on a damp tea towel. Load up with shredded chicken, grated carrot, lettuce, cucumber, red capsicum and avocado. Add a dash of Coconut Amino sauce and roll it up tight.

Slow Cooker Beef
So hearty and rich, plus it freezes well so you can make a huge batch. Great for busy afternoons when you want to get dinner sorted early.
Throw any cheap cut of beef into the slow cooker, I like Ossa Bucco. Also add a onion, a tin of tomatoes, a dash of red wine, fresh basil and oregano, finely chopped garlic, a tin of red kidney beans, salt and pepper. You could add some bacon, potatoes, celery or whatever else you have on hand. Cook on low for around 6 hours. Serve with steamed greens.

Roasted Veggie Salad
A nice one for when you’re over ‘salads’
Cut into small cubes: Pumpkin, potato, carrot, zucchini and capsicum. Fry lightly in a pan with a good dollop of coconut oil and coconut amino sauce. Once cooked, toss through a big handful of baby spinach and serve

Salmon with Fermented Veggies
Fermented veggies, such as sauerkraut are loaded with probiotics and go well with meat as they aid your digestion. Great with steak too. You can make your own or see if your local health food shop has them. I have a supplier who delivers it straight to you, way cheaper than the shops.
Fry up a piece of salmon in coconut oil, skin side down first. Cook to your taste, I like mine to be opaque all the way through. Top with a big dollop of fermented veggies on top. They have a lovely tang so you wont need lemon juice. Serve with salad or steamed veggies.

Beef Burgers
I often make a big batch of these and put in the freezer. I like to know whats in my burgers, rather than buying the supermarket ones that are loaded up fillers and additives.
In your food processor, dice up a big carrot, a zucchini, plenty of garlic and an onion. Mix through a pack of grass fed beef mince. Add an egg plus salt and pepper. Load yours right up with more veggies if you like and just add another egg to help it hold. Form into balls, press and fry in a pan with a dash of rice bran oil. Whizz up a tomato with a dash of balsamic vinegar and one medjool date to make a sweet tomato salsa to go on top. Serve with salad or veggies.

Quinoa Risotto
Don’t be afraid of quinoa! It’s just like rice in terms of how you use it but it’s a nutritional superstar, chock full of protein which will make you feel full. This is a great meal to use up those few random veggies at the end of the week.
Fry up some cubed chicken and add chopped veggies. I like zucchini, onion, celery, broccoli, peas, garlic and a little bit of chopped bacon. Just use whatever you have on hand. Add one cup of quinoa and 2 cups of chicken stock. I make my own, will post my recipe on the FB page. Let it simmer until the quinoa is soft and all the liquid as absorbed. If it hasn’t all absorbed just let it stand for a bit and it will all soak in. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Interested to know why I avoid certain ingredients and are mad for others? I go into it all in my 4 week health and wellbeing course, Shine Like a Diamond, so get your name down for that. But in the meantime, feel free to ask me anything you’d like to know.

Have a beautiful weekend my lovelies.

Carlie x

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