“Dirty 30” – Premium Fuel

So I turned 30 yesterday. Yep, 30!
Birthdays rock. I loved it. I have a beautiful family and friends who make a big deal of it and it’s all very lovely. So spesh.

I went to my mums+bubs group exercise class in the morning as normal, and people seemed to be a bit surprised that I went. Why wouldn’t I though? It’s my birthday and I freakin love my exercise class, so of course I’m gonna go? And then people say “Well at least you’ve earned your cake”. Hmm. I want to say ‘Yeah I’m probably not going to have any cake. It doesn’t make me feel good and I’m certainly not going to let my toddler load up on all that sugar, so why would I?” But then I feel like some sort of freak/loser. Why is that??
I love a sweet treat as much as the next person, but I much prefer having it knowing that it’s doing my body good. I struggle to enjoy it if I know I’m just going to feel sluggish and awful later. Why would I want to spend my birthday feeling sluggish and awful? Anyways, I just kind of laughed and pretended I was going to scoff a whole bunch of cake and booze later to make everyone happy.
A bit later, hubby, bubs and I headed out for lunch. We went to a lovely place in St Kilda that we go to quite often. I decided to go ‘all out’ and have a gluten free pizza, some chips and a cider. I generally avoid dairy but I could see that their pizza wasn’t super cheesy so I figured ‘f*ck it, it’s my birthday’ and ordered it. It was quite delish and as I’m a ‘finish what’s on your plate’ kinda girl, I was pretty full.
After lunch we walked over to the beach, and ordinarily I’d be running around with bubba, chasing waves, having a wow of a time. But to be honest I felt so frickin heavy and tired after my huge greasy cheesy meal, I just wanted to sit there like a lump. No wonder people who eat crappy have no frickin energy! It zaps it all out of you trying to digest all this bloody awful food!
By the time I got home I had to have a nap. I hardly ever have naps. I drank a bunch of water, had a shower and felt slightly better. It was honestly like having a hangover. As I was walking around, trying to get motivated, feeling very different to my usual sprightly self, I realised that this was very timely. I am in the middle of creating a course which is all about energy and vitality, and helping people to shift their mindset around food and how they look after their bodies and minds.
Yesterday was a great reminder to me, of the following 3 things:
1. Food is FUEL. It’s not a reward.
2. ‘Letting loose’ isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.
3. Once your body is running well you become very in tune with it, and you soon figure out what it thrives on and what slows it down.
I try to look at it like this. Imagine you’re given a car when you turn 18, but there’s a catch. ITS THE ONLY CAR YOU’RE EVER GOING TO HAVE. You don’t get to trade it in, EVER.
Tell me, would you put premium fuel in it? Would you make sure it always gets serviced? Damn straight you would.
Well, clearly you only get one body, so it’s a bit of a no brainer isn’t it..?
I put crap fuel my in body yesterday. And it ran like a bucked of rust. Today I found myself getting a bit cranky and feeling slumpy, which wasn’t nice for anyone; but I just kept loading up on greens and my usual healthy yummies and I am feeling much more like myself again.
Tell me, could you be putting better fuel in your car? Want some help figuring out what’s going to make you run at your absolute best? Hit me up. I could talk about this shizz all day.
Even better, get yo’self on my healthy living interest list and I’ll send you all sorts of awesome gear to help you on your way.
Have a freakin spectacular day. Carlie x

5 thoughts on ““Dirty 30” – Premium Fuel

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I must be honest and say that while I do eat fairly good, I could be doing a lot better. I enjoy food and unfortunately I too am an ‘eat what’s on my plate’ kinda girl.


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