Old dog, new tricks.

There is something special about creation. (And no I’m not talking about making babies.)
Whatever it might be that you are creating, it didn’t exist before and now it does, because you created it. There’s something rewarding and beautiful about that. I’m talking about things like writing an article or making some artwork or building a garden.
I have never been a ‘creative’ type. I thought writing was something I was useless at, and because I am not a great drawer and I can’t paint a picture, I thought that meant I couldn’t create anything worthwhile. That ‘creativity’ was just a gene I didn’t inherit. Far out, its that old saying – whether you think you can or you think you cant, you’re right.
The thing that I’m starting to figure out, is that we can all do just about anything… we just have to ‘wake it up’. You just have to start. Just nut up and give it a crack. Once you start, then suddenly you’re creating, and it just keeps on flowing. Sure you have moments where the flow slows down or even stops and you get a bit of a ‘flow hangover’. But you just gotta keep moving and change directions a little, shake it all up and it’ll get flowing again, even if it starts to look different than you planned. I am aware that I might not be making a whole lot of sense so let me be a bit more specific.
I’ve been working on content for my new program a whole lot lately, and every now and then the self doubt creeps in. Just the usual ‘Am I good enough?’ crap. But then I find if I just keep trucking along, continue working on my content, it just keeps growing. And I know in my heart that this is good stuff, it can actually help people, I know that.
It’s funny how stuff that is so simple to you can be so completely foreign and/or fascinating to someone else, and until you ask them about it you just assume that they have this knowledge and these tools already. We all have strengths in different areas and if we work together and share the love then we can all learn something and keep on working towards being our best. Sometimes we need someone to grab us by the balls hand and drag coax us out of the procrastination station.
Maybe there’s something that you’ve been thinking about doing for a while, but you’ve been stuck in the doubt+delay cycle? It’s on your ‘one day’ list. You’ll do that ‘one day’. Maybe you want to ‘get fit and healthy’, maybe you want to learn to dance, maybe you’d like to study or even start your own small business. Well, whatever it is I can guarantee you that there is a step that you can take today that will get you closer to that goal. All you have to do is start. Just start. Just nut up, back yourself and give it a crack.
Look at me – I’m a frickin blogger! Who would’ve thought? I surprised myself and hey, maybe you’ll surprise yourself too.
PS: If you’re goal is about getting healthy, active, organised and/or happy, then I have something coming very soon that I think you’re gonna love. Keep your eyeballs peeled my friend!! Some exciting shizz is a’coming your way.
Have a beautiful day.
Peace, Carlie xoxo

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