Finding a tribe

It’s one of those days where you just know you didn’t get enough sleep and you’ve got a heap to do and it feels like it’s going to be hard work. The good thing is I know this, so I’m going to help my body out by starting the day with a green smoothie and an energizing cardio session. I know I’ll also need to make sure I have a stack of water and maybe a couple of green teas or something with cacao through the day for a little boost. What I won’t do is eat something crappy cos it’s ‘quick and easy’ and forget to stay hydrated cos that’s not going to make me feel any better or make my day any easier. If you want your car to run well then you gotta put good fuel in it! Ok that’s enough preaching from me at this time of day.

I was up late finishing off my first Resource Guide and posting it in a bunch of FB groups. It’s amazing how vulnerable that makes you feel, when you create something and put it out there into the world. People are so freakin skeptical and it’s hard to not feel all raw and get sensitive.

After venturing out and sharing my link in some relatively public spaces I quickly scurried back to a safe place and checked in with a group I knew I would receive encouragement and support from. They said some stuff that was quite profound and I wanted to share it cos I think it relates to just about everything. Here’s my fave:

“Carlie, 20% Of the people will LOVE what you do, they will follow you, encourage you and want every thing you offer.
60% of the people will be more neutral, they will benefit from your teachings, they will take your courses or just read your Free stuff.
And the other 20% will hate you… Just because there is hateful people out there…they may post mean and negative posts… But these hateful people will just make the 20% that love you, love you even more!!! They will defend you! They will even make some of the 60% that like you… Like you more!!
It’s just part of everything and we need to learn how to deal with our feelings, not with them.
You will really only need the 20% that love you.”

And this:

“Carlie, look at it from the perspective that they are pre-qualifying for your program. They won’t be dead weight on your list.
For all the people who are objecting, others will read without comment or liking. be polite and hold your head high. You are triggering people. Connecting and for some you are confronting for them. Hold your head high and keep going :)”

My god that’s so freakin true isn’t it. And how important is it to be have that safe space you can scurry to when you’re feeling a bit vulnerable. Your tribe. Not just online but more importantly in your real life with the people you surround yourself with. Not everyone is going to love you so you have to concentrate on that 20%.
The ones who listen, and remind you to ‘be polite’ when maybe you don’t feel like it, and the ones who tell you to ‘keep your head high’ when you feel like protecting your soft underbelly.

I’m lucky that I have lots of little tribes like this. My family; the incredible, intelligent and inspiring women I call friends, fantastic business/mums groups and online communities. I learn from them and they help me shine. Connection is so important in life. It’s what makes it all worthwhile.

I’d love to hear about your tribe and how they help you shine.

Much love, Carlie xx

Ps: if you do want a copy of my resource guide ‘my 10 must have kitchen tools for healthy eating on a budget’ you can get it here:

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