Overcoming overwhelm

I had to take a break from watching an online tutorial to pop over here and write this post. I was watching all this stuff and thinking about actually putting it all into action and I started to feel really overwhelmed. I started with the ‘this is all a bit hard, maybe I’m not cut out for this, maybe it’s not for me. I should probably just call it quits now and stop wasting any more time and just do what I know’. (Side note: I think that’s why parenting is so hard, it’s not really an option to do that)

But then I went ‘No! Stop that Carlie. That’s what is going to set you apart. You are going to push past the overwhelm. You are going to take those butterflies in your tummy, acknowledge them and let them go. So many people would stop here because it’s all too hard, but you are not those people. You can do this. And you will. You just have to keep pushing that little bit and get over this little hump of scary techy set up stuff, and once you’ve done it, then you’ll know it and it’ll be easy next time’.

So then I had to come over here and type that out, just to try and embed it and keep this little motivational momentum I’ve got going. Cos it’s a fragile little thing and I wanted to hold onto it tight.

Doing something new is scary and exciting and it pushes you and stretches you and it’s not always comfortable. There’s cool stuff on the other side of it though. Like pride. And accomplishment. And having learned something new that you can then share with other people to help them through a similar scary thing.

So this is me releasing the butterflies. (Frogs, butterflies, I am sensing a theme here). I am making a public proclamation which will make me accountable and help me to stay committed to my goal. As my subscribers already know (become one of these fab peeps here) my current epic goal is to launch a fabulous online course which will help people to get their shit together and start on a road to becoming the best possible version of themselves. I really, really love life and I am not one bit apologetic about that and I want other people to feel the same way, god damn it! For a long time I felt crap and I figured out how to feel really good and I think that’s a really valuable thing to share around. To do that it’s going to take work and I am going to have to learn scary techy stuff so that I can get my message out there to the world. These initial stages also mean I’m doing a whole bunch of work and not getting paid for it – eek – thank god for my supportive, understanding husband who gets that there’s a bigger picture and is keen to see me follow my dreams. Blessed.

How nice is that feeling – taking a moment to acknowledge your blessings. Tell me, what are you thankful for today?

Much love to you my gorgeous little bunch of readers.

Night, Carlie x

PS: Like my style and want one on one coaching? Hells yes! Get deets here.

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