The Facebook abyss

Its 11pm. I should be asleep. My little person is going to be up goodness knows how many times tonight, and then she’s going to want breakfast and a nappy change pretty much as soon as the sun is up. Nevertheless, here I am, typing away, ironically to tell you about how I am finding it hard to switch off at the moment. Literally.

I had the best of intentions. I finished up some work then hopped into bed, lay there for a bit, then I started thinking of content for my next post. I grabbed my phone and started putting a few notes down, which turned into a few paragraphs. I went ‘bugger it I might as well just write it now’ and now here I am back at my computer. Oh dear.

The thing is I’m so excited about some projects that I am working on that I find myself constantly putting down notes, which I often do in my phone, which means it’s in my hand a lot. And of course when I pick up my phone I’ll quickly check my email, then Facebook, then Pages, then WordPress stats, then Mailchimp, then Facebook again and suddenly I’m scrolling through my newsfeed and next thing I’m caught in the abyss. Meanwhile a tiny person is doing super cute stuff in front of me and I’m missing it cos I’m too busy reading about what Sam from the Bachelor had to say today. Priorities, Carlie?

I guess it comes with the territory of working for yourself, from home, online, that those work/life boundaries can get really blurry. It’s certainly not your traditional 9-5. In some ways that’s really cool and the flexibility of it is what I love, however it’s so easy for it to become all consuming, especially when you are doing something that excites you.

Again, it’s about that mummy guilt, and when I find that creeping in I know it’s time for a bit of mindfulness. I am about to do a little 5 week course, and soon a much longer one, so I know that I am going to have to put some boundaries in place to help me feel really present and focused. The resolution I am setting for myself is to not check my phone when I’m one on one with my daughter. I figure if it’s not ringing then I don’t need to know about it this second. I am under no misconception that this will be the case 100% of the time, but I think it’s certainly a nice habit to work towards.

Funnily enough, one of the phrases I wrote on my latest vision board was ‘unwired mumma’. I have it posted up directly in front of my computer so it’s in my line of sight all the time. When I created this board, it contained a lot of ‘themes’, so I decided to break it down into chunks and concentrate on each section one at a time, creating little resolutions along the way. It has been my own little Happiness Project. Looks like the choice of which theme to tackle next has been made easy. Interesting timing when I have just started a blog and also an online course, however it looks like the universe has spoken and ‘unwired mumma’ is what it will be.

I completely adore creating vision boards, and I am getting a real kick out of my little Happiness Project, however that’s a-whole-nother blog post. Right now I am going to switch off, literally. This mummy blogger needs her beauty sleep. Night peeps.

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One thought on “The Facebook abyss

  1. We really must stop being the same person! I totally relate, Dave and I had a mindful meal tonight with tv off and it was so nice to slow it down and not check phones etc. I swear the food tastes better when eaten mindfully. I sometimes use the smiling mind app either when Darcy falls asleep (and it’s been a tough one) or when I’m going to bed & my mind is still racing. Good luck finding a balance, you will. And it will be awesome


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