Beautiful momentum.

Isn’t it amazing how taking a little leap can start this beautiful momentum, and suddenly things are going from a bit scary to very exciting really quickly?

I bit the bullet and started this blog from my humble little laptop, in my cosy little home office only a few days ago and the connections and conversations are flowing already. I have received the most incredible messages from people I would not have expected to hear from. So many mums are saying to me ‘I could have written those exact words myself’. I am just floored my how many women, just in my own little network have these ideas in their head that they’d love to see become a reality but have been a bit hesitant to even really talk about it.

Sometimes that’s all it takes. A real conversation with a kindred spirit. Just saying the words out loud ‘I’d like to have something that’s for me’, or ‘I’d really like to make/create/teach/grow something’

Gosh ladies, we all have these gifts inside us. We all have talents and something to offer the world (besides being amazing mummas). Let’s be a bit brave and stop waiting to feel ready and just get the ball rolling. Do some googling, contact an expert, start a notebook, create a FB page, whatever it might be. Just take a teeny little step in an exciting direction. You don’t have to have it all planned out, it’ll evolve and twist and warp and shoot off in unexpected directions, but that’s ok. Just do something that you can do now. You might find it stirs up a little bit of a spark that opens a door that leads to a path that goes to an opportunity. It could be your business butterfly effect.

My challenge to you today – ask some of the people close to you, what am I good at? You might be surprised by the answers. And you might find that the things you are good at are the things you enjoy, and wouldn’t it be awesome if you could find a way to turn that thing you love into an income for your family. So many successful ‘mum-preneurs’ have started out by doing something they loved and THEN figuring out how to get paid for it.

I found out (by accident) that I am good at helping people put their skills into words and building up their confidence to find a great job. Suddenly Your Best Work was born. Just the other day I got an email from a client saying ‘WOW Carlie!  Love, love, love all of it! Thank you soooooo much!’

This was from a mum who hadn’t been in paid work for quite some time, and hearing this from her absolutely made my day. And I was able to to this for her from my own home with my beautiful daughter by my side. How lucky am I!?

I can absolutely guarantee that you have some type of quirky little ‘skill’ like this too, that the world needs to see more of. Maybe you have already found it and you’re on your way. Maybe you’re sitting there thinking ‘Pfft, get real Carlie’. Either way, what harm can be done by nutting it out a bit and having a think about what the next steps could be. In the words of the fab Jana Kingsford, you gotta ‘jump and trust’. Catch up with a friend and ask them ‘What am I good at?’ I’d love to hear what comes back. See that little comments box below? Get into it!!

Oh, and if you like my style and want to be on the More Than Mum love list – do it here. Yay!!

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