Well here I am.

Someone awesome said to me yesterday, ‘You’ll never be ready. Do it now.’


So… Hi.

As I go to tell you about myself, I automatically start to say ‘I’m a wife and mum”.  And that’s ok, cos that’s what I am. But this blog is for me to express who I am, and what I’m about. Which is lots.

For the record, I love being a mum. I have a beautiful sparkly little precious gem of a baby girl. She’s 13 months old and I’m pretty sure she’s a gifted genius cos she just blows me away every day with all the stuff she can do.

Something that’s super important to me is to show her that she can do just about anything. That the world is pretty amazing and that she should grab life with both hands and just go hammer and tong.

I am a big ball of inspiration at the moment. There is so much I want to do, and I want to do it all right now. Like this minute. I’ve ignited something and I am hoping this blog will help me to grab all the fireballs shooting out of my head and put them into some sort of order and sequence.

A couple of things I do know: I want to help people. And I want to provide an amazing life for my family. And I want to wake up every day excited about what I’m going to achieve. I want to be challenged and I want to challenge people and I want to bring them on my journey and get them as excited as I am about finding their passion and making it a part of their everyday life.

Prior to having my baby I was lucky enough to have what at the time was my dream job. I was working as Office Manager for a not-for-profit and I was able to gain so much personal development it was incredible. I pushed against it and hated that I was being asked to share so much of myself, but looking back I am so deeply grateful to them for allowing me to grow and learn so much. It was a difficult choice not to go back after having my baby, but as everyone warned me, my priorities changed. She is literally top of my list (yes I have a written, numbered list of priorities. I like lists.) and I needed to find a way that I could be fulfilled intellectually and earn an income while also being there for my child.

That’s such a big thing isn’t it. I think a lot of people think it’s not really possible (unless you’re into the whole MLM, party plan sales pitch) to genuinely earn a decent income while having your bubbas in tow. I am finding more than more that it is, and I’ve decided that I am going to infact have it all. I am going to run a business that makes me happy, pays the bills and allows me to always turn and pick up my baby girl at any time if she wants a cuddle. And to have the freedom to decide ‘It’s a beautiful sunny day, no work today, I’m taking my girl to the park for a picnic’.

So that’s my destination. I have a bit of a plan and about a zillion ideas. The ball is rolling and I’m on my way. More about that in my next post. I hope you’ll join me for the ride. If you want to get on my little love list, just click here. Yay!


5 thoughts on “Well here I am.

  1. Love your blog Carlie. Beautiful realisations and inspiring words from a mum striving for work-life balance whilst gifting your gorgeous girl your precious time and love. More please 💖💕


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